Celebration of Diwali in Her holy presence of Shri Mataji in Noida House
Friday, 05 November 2010
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On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, Shri Mataji blessed the Sahaja Yogis of the world with a small Shri Lakshmi Puja at Her residence in Noida. In the evening around 7 PM a gathering of about 200 Sahaja Yogis had assembled in the basement hall of Shri Mataji’s residence. The auspicious event commenced with singing of beautiful bhajans by the musical choir in praise of the heralding in of the joyous ceremony of Dipawali.

As the news of Mother’s arrival rushed in the already filled hall everyone could be seen in a overwhelmingly joyous mood as they tried to accommodate themselves to catch up the glimpse of the event comfortably from their occupied places. Suddenly the packed hall transformed into a heavenly setting with exotic divine fragrance blended with joy as series of welcome songs reverberated in chorus with “Swagat Aagat Swagatam” followed by “Swagatam, Swagatam, Swagatam Maa Swagatam”. 

Around half past eight in the evening just as the first lines of the song “Shri Jagambe Aayi Re” was being sung, the doors of the hall swung open and Our Divine Mother arrived.

With Her holy arrival of Mother , Shri Mataji was welcomed with an Aarti and later with Her Divine permission commenced the Puja. Children offered flowers at Her Lotus Feet as Shri Ganesha Atharvasheersha was recited. This was followed by offering flowers at Her Divine Lotus feet by the Yuvas who had worked day and night hard to organize this Puja. Throughout the Shri Ganesha Puja Shri Mataji looked intently on the children and the Yuva performing the Puja.

Later, Shri Lakshmi puja was offered at Her Holy Feet of Shri Mataji. This was followed by a short Aarti and the three mahamantra were recited.

After the Puja, many Sahaja Yogis were blessed to offer flowers at Her Holy Feet while the popular Jogwa bhajan continued. Around half past Nine after offering symbolic gifts signifying the Shri Mahalakshmi Puja , Shri Mataji was escorted out of the hall for Her apartment.

The air was filled with the joy as the bhajan group immediately burst into several rapturous bhajans as the collective danced to express their joy and the vibrations of the puja.

Shri Mataji we express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks at Your Holy Feet again and again. Shri Mataji we Your children of the world collective pray for Your Divine blessings to establish our Shri Mahalakshmi Tattwa that can grant us our inner balance, peace and a virtuous nature for our spiritual ascent . Shri Mataji on behalf of the world collective we offer our Pranam and surrender at Your Holy Feet. May the same be kindly accepted.

Jai Shri Mataji !

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Deepa  - Russia   |2010-11-06 10:38:12
Shri Mataji your lotus feet in our hearts forever and ever.
Thank you for all your blessings .
Bolo Shri Adi Shakti Mataji
Shri Mahalakshmi ki JAI !
mukesh garg  - india   |2010-11-06 18:31:34
jai shri mataji,we wellcome the holy mother in india on this ocassion of dewali as mahalaxmi ,laxmi aie ,laxmi aie ,laxmi aie,kindly enlighten our laxmi tatva in all sahaja yogies,we love you mother,jai shri mataji
Srinivasarao Kasu  - India   |2010-11-08 00:04:53
JAISHRIMATAJI,I am very happy to read the puja message.
HIRAL  - india   |2010-11-09 03:12:44
JAY SHRI MATAJI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you HER HOLINESS SHRI MATAJI for blessing us on every auspcioius day.
the god almighty had given us the best ever gift he can give us on the day of diwali. we loved our beloved mother very much.
shri mataji gives us the divine gifts every day. on these diwali occasion we all must decide to give the gife & surprize to our holy mother but there is nothing to surprize our holy mother.but we can make our mother happy by helping new seekers to get their own self realization in the grace and love of our mother.

may shri mataji blessed us everyday having huge heart like sea & full of love like lamp giving light in to the darkness. shri mataji has given us the self realization & light in our life.

now time has come that in these grace & light we will move forward to give these message to each & everyone on these earth. we can only bow down & ask her for the strength with which she still working out everythi...
madhulika pawar  - India   |2010-11-10 03:34:07
jai shree mataji
Wonderful moment for everyone on on that day..........
shivani gupta  - India   |2010-11-11 19:27:57
thanks a lot mother for coming India, for all your's blessings, for always being with us and for every and everything. We surrender everything in your lotus feet mother. Please you always be with us and keep us always in your's lotus feet,we offer our millions of pranams in your lotus feet. may the same be kindly accepted.love u mother
R. Venkateswaran  - Guwahati, India   |2010-11-18 01:35:54
Jai Shri Mataji !

Our hearts are filled up with joy upon seeing and hearing of the Deepawali Puja
being accepted by our dear Mother compassionately.

Thank You very much !
Jai Shri Mataji !
ashok jilla  - india   |2010-12-06 07:31:48
jai shree mataji

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