Virata Puja in Noida in Her Holy presence of Shri Mataji
Sunday, 21 November 2010
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On this special and auspicious day of the full moon, while Shri Guru Nanaka’s birthday was being celebrated across India, the Sahaja Yogis were blessed to offer Virata Puja at Her Holy Feet of Shri Mataji. Speaking on the subject of Virata , Shri Mataji years ago in 1975 wrote in Her message to the yogis on the occasion of Sahasrara Puja:

"When I come, we will see how many of Virata's channels (Nadis) you have awakened. It appears, this work will come up in the case of holy land of India, and when fully developed, it will spread in all countries and directions." (Translation extract of Shri Mataji's letter in Marathi sent on the occasion of Sahasrara day celebrations on 05/05/1975)

Shri Mataji in Her holy teaching once revealed a very interesting fact on the relationship of Guru principle and the full moon and also on the importance of Shri Guru Nanaka’s birthday:

"So to begin with we must understand that Spirit is described as a Kala, as a phase of moon, one phase of moon. But a Guru is described as the full moon, purnima, Guru Purnima. Guru is the full moon, it's not just a phase. So from one phase you have to go to the stage where you become a complete Guru. Sixteen phases there are, altogether, and you have to cross the sixteen stages to become the Guru”. (Extract from Shri Guru Nanak's Birthday, London, 01.11.1982)

“But His birth is important, because symbolically He came on this earth not to propagate any particular type of the void as Mohammad did, or say Moses did, David, Moses and then before that Abraham, Lao Tse, or Socrates, which followed into a religion. But He came to create amenity , amity we can say, to create understanding, to create unity between religions. This was a very big step for Sahaj Yoga. After that as you know, He was born again, God knows where, no one knows where He was born, but He appeared as Shirdi Sai Nath. He too said the same thing, that to talk ill of any religion is a sin”. (Extract from Shri Guru Nanak's Birthday, London, 01.11.1982)

A few of the extracts from Her teachings are appended for our subtle knowledge on subject of Virata in the link below.

The Virata Puja Event

At 3:00 PM in the evening itself the venue had an overwhelming gathering of yogis. It was indeed amazing to see such a beautiful campus of prestigious school in Noida -APEEJAY school hosting such a large gathering. This was for the first time in the 40 years history of Sahaja Yoga that such a large gathering of yogis was ever recorded for any Sakar puja in the Holy presence of Shri Mataji. Sahaja Yogis had come all the way from geographically distant places from India and abroad, besides the local collective of Delhi NCR. The meditation started with the three mahamantras around 4.30pm in the evening and was followed by Bhajans.

The stage wore a very exquisite look on this day with an elegant backdrop of Shri Mataji’s earlier days photograph. The decoration itself had great simplicity with lots of flowers and vibrations around. Entire milieu had a beautiful get-up with a pleasant evening to greet all incoming yogis. But the evening gradually passed on to a chilly night because of the recent bouts of showers in Delhi since one week.

As per reports from Registration counter at the venue, the registrations could be recorded for 31,000 yogis who were provided with coupons till 4 pm evening. Another collective of around 6,000 yogis on rough estimation turned up late in the venue and sat at the end corner of the huge premises of the school near the exit to attend the Puja.

At around half past five, the holy arrival of Shri Mataji in the venue was marked by spectacular display of fire crackers in the sky and welcoming sound of conch. This was followed by the welcome bhajan ‘Swagatam’ sung by the choir. Shri Mataji appeared as radiant as ever and looked deep into the Spirits of the collective waiting for the puja protocols to commence for worshiping Her in Her Virata form. This was immediately followed by prayer bhajans Vinati Suneye - invoking Her for the puja permission.

Coordinators in group of fours were then invited on stage to offer flower at Her Holy Lotus Feet to perform the Shri Ganesha Puja with Shri Ganesha Atharvasheersham. This was followed by a series of bhajans as the Virata Puja commenced. It started with Ganesha Stuti – Hemaja Sutam Vaje. Subsequently the Devi Puja continued with singing the 108 Holy names of Shri Mataji – Jago Savera Aaya. This was followed by Shingar bhajans- Hasata Ali,…. Jaya Hey Jaya Hey Jaya Hey Devi,….. Tujha Pujani….Later a special bhajan in praise of Shri Krishna with lyrics of Mere Chhtosey Kanhaiya was sung based on village folklore in typical folk- tune. The puja- shingar concluded with the Vishwa Vandita and offering of garlands at Her Holy Feet.

At quarter to seven finally the Virata Puja concluded with the Aarti and recital of the three Mahamantra. Immediately after the puja the curtains were drawn, signaling the Holy departure of Shri Mataji. But to everyone’s surprise the curtains were again withdrawn. The collective was overjoyed at the opportunity for enjoying a longer period Darshan of Shri Mataji. Subsequently, one gift was offered at Her Holy Feet on behalf of the India collective. Also, a recently released Sahaja magazine - Sahaj News - by the India Trustee was offered at Her holy Feet. Later the musical choir was requested to sing the bhajan Sat Janam Jo Punya Kiye Hain in Her praise of Shri Mataji as She blessed with Her darshan to Her children.

The vibrations were phenomenal as the chilliness of the evening accentuated with the coolness of the vibrations of the Puja. The entire collective was in full of joy as Mother sat for a while before Her Holy departure from the venue . The curtains were again drawn and finally the sounds of conches and firecrackers announced Her Holy departure from the venue around seven.

The musical choir - bhajan group immediately took over and burst into several rapturous bhajans as the collective enjoyed the vibrations and danced to express their joy bathing in the showers of the vibrations of the worship.

Shri Mataji we express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks at Your Holy Feet again and again as You had been so kind to accept our Virata Puja offering at Your Holy Feet. Shri Mataji, we Your children of the world collective pray for Your Divine blessings to establish the Vishwa Nirmala Dharma within us granting us our inner balance, peace and collectivity for our spiritual ascent. Shri Mataji on behalf of the world collective we offer our Pranam and surrender at Your Holy Feet. May the same be kindly accepted. Amen!

Mataji... Mataji... Your face shines like a thousand Sun... You have given us more than we could ask for... Bliss and Peace and Harmony...

Jai Shri Mataji

> Click here to download Excerpts of some teachings from H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi on subject to understand basics of Virata

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Hemant Patil  - India   |2010-11-21 18:07:19
I am very greatful that we the whole family could enjoy Mother's pooja and subsequently the divine blessings through live broadcasting. Otherwise there was no way to participate in pooja due to so much rush by thousands of children to see the Mother. Thank you and thanks Shri Mataji for your ever showering love.
ashok  - pune, india   |2010-11-22 01:06:25
great pooja, enjoyed it on line.....cool vibrations, total bliss state and the awareness of the VIRATA....JAI SHREE MATAJI
R Venkateswaran  - India   |2010-11-22 21:45:10
Jai Shri Mataji !

Thank you very much for such quick report on the Great Puja of our dear Mother.

Pl.send some photographs also.


Raj  - New Zealand   |2010-11-22 22:31:40
Jai Shree Mataji!
I cannot thank you enough for telecasting the Puja live and giving the Sahaj sangha worldwide the nectar of Shree Mataji's Love!!!!

With Much Love and Gratitude

kunal  - India   |2010-12-03 22:51:35
Thnx from the bottom of our heart to SITA team for all the efforts they have taken to keep us connected with SHRI MAA.

Wish U all Luv n blessings of SHRI MAA for ur ascent.

with luv,
Kunal Jaiswal,

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